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CWS Rules
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This public article was written by Admin Sheep, and last updated on 25 Jul 2016, 22:33.

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1. Section 1: Community Rules
2. Section 2: Site Use

Yes, we have rules. Please follow them!

If you have questions about the rules, please contact any of the staff (a listing of whom can be found here). Users who do not follow them will be warned. The site does have a ban feature, however we are really not looking to use it unless absolutely necessary.

Should you feel that someone has breached the rules, in the first instance, please report this to staff through the report feature using the category 'Report a user'. Please be aware it may take us a day or two to respond to your report.

[top]Section 1: Community Rules

  • 1.1 Show respect to other users - Just some basic human respect towards other members. Undoubtedly you will not agree with every opinion that others have, but please keep disagreements to discussions, not arguments.
  • 1.2 Profanity is allowed - This does not mean that you should be swearing like a sailor, but 'shit's and 'damn's and whatever else are fine. Do not use profanity to provoke or offend others.
  • 1.3 No trolling, inflammatory/hate speech, insults, flaming, threats etc - This falls under respecting others, but please do not do anything to provoke, insult, or anything else listed above. We're all human. Be nice.
  • 1.4 No politics, no religion - Everyone has their opinions, but this is not the place for real-world political or religious debates. If you must, keep it civil. Staff will be watching carefully. Clans that are dedicated to a particular political or religious ideology will be removed without warning. Officially-hosted chatrooms (such as Skype and Discord) are subject to this rule and can result in users being kicked from official CWS chats.
  • 1.5 Respect decisions by the admins or staff - We're not dictators, but decisions made for the site are meant for the betterment of the community. Please respect any decisions made. If you feel like something is unfair or there is something we haven't considered, please don't hesitate to contact us, but please mind your Ps and Qs.

[top]Section 2: Site Use

  • 2.1 No pornography - Any nudity must be tasteful or concealed.
  • 2.2 Nothing graphically violent - Some blood is ok, but once it crosses into guts, gore, viscera, etc., please do not post it.
  • 2.3 You may only have one active account - any additional accounts will be banned, and data will not be transferred. If you are banned, creating a new account to circumvent the ban will only cement the ban.
  • 2.4 No copyrighted/registered/trademarked/etc material is to be posted - This rule really is internet-wide, but remember that materials posted online are owned by their creators.
  • 2.5 No hacking/phishing other users - Again, this would be under the respect category, but none of that. If another user attempts to obtain your password, please tell the staff immediately.

Comments (5)
[link] [quote] 05-Nov-16 22:36
55th World
A conworld collab
@Isak I think the current #debate channel was called #politics at the time of the older comment. Correct me if I'm wrong.
[link] [quote] 05-Nov-16 21:36
for those who are non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or a supportive ally
 Izaak [STAFF]
@benjͣmin I am pretty sure the #debate channel is the one exception to this rule. @KathTheDragon can confirm or deny this, though.
[link] [quote] 09-Oct-16 01:59
Baredan Union
For the best countries only
Regarding section 1.4, there's a #politics chat on Discord, so is the former out of date, or would it be worth mentioning that there's a designated area for political discussions?
[link] [quote] 06-Mar-16 01:58
Language of the Month
Where we pick the featured language of the month
 hashi [ADMIN]
Thanks :) Sometimes typos slip through the cracks.
[link] [quote] 06-Mar-16 01:47
CWS Conlanger

Normally I wouldn't correct a site rules article, but given that this is a site about languages, I feel the need to point out that this should probably be "breached". Not sure if "breeched" is even a word.

No disrespect intended, I'm sure it's just a simple typo, but I thought I'd point it out! ^^;
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