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 Yená Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
A'Bulẑo Surname Unisex
A'Reuli Surname Unisex
A'Saméfs Surname Unisex
A'Viẑẑén Surname Unisex
Auross Surname Unisex
Azáj Surname Unisex
Ẑozzá Given name Male
Deutris Given name Female
Geuja Given name Male Anglicized as "Goya"
Irran Given name Male Also a diminutive of Irre'an, which is usually female
Irre'an Given name Female
Kalo Given name Female
Karne Surname Unisex
Karsif Given name Male
Lacáŝé Surname Unisex
Larcas Given name Female old, uncommon
Maff Surname Unisex
Mallauŝ Surname Male
Mamli Surname Unisex
Maur Surname Unisex
Morẑé Surname Unisex
Mosass Given name Male
Parca Given name Male
Páraca Given name Unisex
Seŝér Surname Unisex
Sirrun Given name Female
Xerŝinn Given name Male Prononced /h̆eɹʃiːn/ or /x̆eɹʃiːn/
Zirkas Given name Unisex
Ŝinn Nickname Male Common shortening of 'Xerŝinn'
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