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Myths and Beliefs of the Yuantju religion
This public article was written by YɔhLlɔmɔ, and last updated on 26 Mar 2017, 14:58.

9. Numbers
10. Pronouns
17. Yuantju
1. Introduction
2. The three gods of nature
3. The two gods of madness
4. The god of humans
5. Creatures


The Mezkan people believed in various creatures and gods from the Yuantju religion. Yuantju derivates from the religion of Devotionism because of the great impact that the Bavkir empire had on Mezka. They believe in three gods that represent nature, two gods that represent madness and one god that represents humans. They also believe in creatures that live either in the sea, jungle or clouds.
Mezkan people are usually so devoted to their religions that they sometimes leave their families and live alone to show appreciation to the gods. The Yuantju religion has a sacred book called "Maåçu."

[top]The three gods of nature

Meisa Darag

Meisa Darag is the god of the soil. She is usually represented as a young woman with a deer's head and beautiful blue clothing. She has the ability to fertilize the soil and make plants grow faster; some say that she can also transform soil into birds. Families place newborn babies on the wet ground once they are born because it is believed to grant protection and food for the rest of that kid's life.

Yånga Darag

Yånga Darag is the god of the rain. He is usually represented as an old man with really long blond hair and a flask full of water on his hand. Yånga Darag can change the weather at his own will, and he is able to shapeshift into a young looking man. There is an ancient poem that was and still is read by the Mezkan people every last day of a month at night, the poem says:

Kadjio, ahaya amadjaça,
yå bi måkana,
le wasaka haranuçiza Yånga Darag,
yå bi galana,
tjahizai erål.

Rain, here you come,
and in two days,
the land will see Yånga Darag,
and in three days,
we will say bye.

Muça Darag

Muça Darag is the god of the animals. She is usually represented as a woman with a horn in her hand and short dark hair. Muça Darag regulates the birth rate of every animal. The oldest man in a family needs to sacrifice a sheep every year to show gratitude to Muça Darag, so that she will grant them with luck and food for the rest of the year.

[top]The two gods of madness

Lual & Gadeal Darag

Lual & Gadeal Darag are brothers, and they are the gods of any event that involves violence, paranoia, and loneliness. They are usually represented as two blue tigers. Lual & Gadeal Darag can make a man go crazy, and they are involved in wars and fights. The Mezkan people want Lual & Gadeal Darag to be away from them, so they usually put yellow flowers around their house to protect themselves from them. There is a saying in Mesyar that says:

Lual yå Gadeal, yumes yereus.

Lual and Gadeal, evil names.

This phrase is said when someone does something in a mischief manner.

[top]The god of humans

Naåreg Darag

Naåreg Darag is the god of humans, it has no gender and it knows and can change the future of every human's life. The Mezkan people believe that Naåreg Darag is a really old turtle that watches them every day. They also offer roses and meat to Naåreg Darag every year to thank him for their lifes. Some people deciede to devote their lifes to Naåreg Darag, so they leave their families and live alone until they think that Naåreg Darag has contacted them. A lot of people believe that Naåreg Darag can be seen if you go to the mountains before the sunrise, and if you look at the shore from the top of the mountain.


The Maerek

The Maerek is a creature with a goat-like body that is believed to live in the plains of Eis. Its milk can heal any wound. Many people walk around the islands to find the Maerek every summer. People say that they saw a white dot far away from the island they were in, and they believe that it was the Maerek.

The Naeseg

The Naeseg is a ginormous creature that lives in the sea. It is believed that the Naeseg attacks ships and its the people inside. A lot of people go to the open sea and try to find it, but no one has been successful. A lot of people claim seeing it on the bottom of the sea, others say that it was just a big rock. This creature is rather new than old because it was first "invented" when Shohuan came to Mezka, around the Mezkan Crisis, since the Mezkan people got surprised by such big ships.

The Ruarud

The Ruarud is a golden and silver color bird. The Mezkan people believe that if someone sees it, they will have good luck for the rest of their life, but if they try to catch him, they will end up blind.

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