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Tnaaq writing system
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Tnaaq writing system
This public article was written by xroooox, and last updated on 17 Nov 2016, 05:02.

[comments] Tnaaq writing is an abugida that resembles that of Inuktitut. Every sign can be rotated to specify the vowel, thus it is read as a CV sign. For consonants not followed by a vowel the 'y' series is used. For vowels without a consonant before the 'x' series is used. Syllables with syllabic consonants are written as if the syllable nucleus were 'y' (it was at some time) and the syllabic consonant as a coda, thus 'xn' and 'xr' are written as 'xyn' and 'xyr'. Tnaaq is written from right to left.

*NOTE: The version available in Tnaaq's dictionary and translations doesn't have the glyphs in order, so it reads as gibberish... until I make PhoMo for my conscript.

*ANOTHER NOTE: This version is the current official script. It doesnt show the 'xyi' and 'xyu' series, that have fallen in disuse ('xyi' merged with 'xii' and 'xyu' with 'xuu' in the main dialect). Those ones are just 'xai' and 'xau' upside down.
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