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Proto-Enkean to Laefêvëši
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This public article was written by Ashucky, and last updated on 7 May 2016, 00:57. Editing of this article is shared with Union of Šarkunen Nations.

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1. Changes
2. Secondary articulation
3. (Older/Middle?) Laef notes
4. Modern Laef sound distribution

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

 Laefêvëši summary:
 Proto-Enkean summary:


(Summary of everything discussed on Skype)
Secondary articulation on consonants shifts to vowels: Cʷi > Cy, Cʷe > Cø, etc.
(Some) coda voiced fricatives lenite, yield Laefevian polyphthongs.
Plain::aspirate contrast could easily become the single::geminate contrast; ejectives slot in there somewhere
Various assimilations yield geminate fricatives and sonorants
Palatal sonorants from clusters
xʷ > ɧ in various palatalisation environments
Perhaps V Vh > Ø V / _#

[top]Secondary articulation


[top](Older/Middle?) Laef notes

Vowel length would be a later development since it's generally conditioned by stress (at least in roots/stems). It's present in suffixes as well, but those could've originated from their own words or developed some other way.

There also used to be three extra vowels (marked by an asterisk). Their values can be changed, though.

a ⟨a⟩a ⟨a⟩unstressed
a: ⟨á⟩stressed
ʌ* ⟨ā⟩a ⟨a⟩unstressed
au̯ ⟨â⟩stressed
e ⟨e⟩e ⟨e⟩unstressed
e: ⟨é⟩stressed
ɛ ⟨ē⟩ɛ ⟨ē⟩unstressed
ɛ: ⟨ê⟩stressed
ə ⟨ë⟩ə ⟨ë⟩unstressed
ə: ⟨ĕ⟩stressed
i ⟨i⟩i ⟨i⟩unstressed
i: ⟨í⟩stressed
ɪ* ⟨ī⟩i ⟨i⟩unstressed
ei̯ ⟨î⟩stressed
o ⟨o⟩o ⟨o⟩unstressed
o: ⟨ó⟩stressed
ɔ ⟨ō⟩ɔ ⟨ō⟩unstressed
ɔ: ⟨ô⟩stressed
ø ⟨ø⟩ø ⟨ø⟩unstressed
ø: ⟨ǿ⟩stressed
u ⟨u⟩u ⟨u⟩unstressed
u: ⟨ú⟩stressed
ʊ* ⟨ū⟩u ⟨u⟩unstressed
ui̯ ⟨û⟩stressed
y ⟨y⟩y ⟨y⟩unstressed
y: ⟨ý⟩stressed

Closei | yu
Close-mide | øo
Open-midɛʌ* | ɔ

[top]Modern Laef sound distribution

This might or might not be relevant for the reconstruction.

Copied from my "grammar book":
Unlike vowels, consonants are restricted in their distribution within words. There are limits to which consonants and consonant clusters can appear word-initially, word-medially, or word-finally (*I'll add the legal clusters later).

Word-initial position:
a) Any plain consonant is legal, except /r/
b) Long consonants are illegal word-initially

Word-medial position:
a) Any plain consonant is legal, except /ɧ/
b) Long consonants are also legal → can appear only intervocalically

Word-final position:
a) Affricates are illegal word-finally
b) Long consonants are also illegal, as well as /r/ and /ɧ/
c) The consonant /ʒ/ is illegal word-finally
d) Other consonants are legal

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