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Tnaaq prepositions
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Prepositions and things
This public article was written by xroooox, and last updated on 30 May 2017, 21:31.

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1. n
2. su
3. t
4. us
5. qar

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

general locative/ii complements

Sniniiq n kaqurt.
I use to swim at the beach.

Ii n sau usin q inau iqnaika
I don't like to drink coffee

dative/benefactive/agent of passive/posessor

Tu hiqarik rasti un su Iqtai?
Can you give this bags to Iqtai?

Ati sutyyt Kurni ankausan tantak su nanqin.
Kurni peeled some oranges for her daughter.

Iqtnart rasti un su Iqtai.
This bag was made by Iqtai.

Ii rasti kaux su Iqtai.
Iqtai has a new bag.



Another complex construction for causes:
kynan XX uu n YY: due to XX YY


Nqunihkyt kataatkr qar kanuuha.
The boy went to the store


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