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Basic Spellcasting
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Summary of the basics of magic.
This public article was written by ChasetheRock, and last updated on 6 Sep 2017, 23:38.

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1. Brief Introduction to Spells
2. Anatomy of Spells
3. Basic Invocation
4. Invocation Examples

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[top]Brief Introduction to Spells

Spells are lines of arcane words used to cast magic. They are written in (ř ķȐ'ʞ), Ro Keru'ku ( Idenian) in the (ķȐ'řš ʞ), "Keru'rosu Ku" script and must be spoken as such.

[top]Anatomy of Spells

Spells are broken into 4 distinct parts; however, only 1 of these parts are required for the spell's function: The Invocation. The 4 parts are, in order, The Focus, The Chant, The Invocation, and The Declaration. Most simple spell only have an Invocation, and occasionally a Declaration, but most complex spells have all 4 parts.

[top]Basic Invocation

Invocation is the art of using your voice to command the elements of the universe to follow your will. Invocation is only part of spellcasting that is required to be vocalized in Ro Keru'ku. Most Invocations begin with an Invocation Word, such as (ş'), "So'", usually translated as 'Invoke', as it declares the following statement to be a magical command.

[top]Invocation Examples

Some basic spells used to practice Invocation.

"Form Flames"
ş'! şrΘ şrÑ ļ'Ƙş'şƘ!
So'! Soratj sorań li'kiso'soki!
Invoke! Burn, raging flames!

"Form Frost"
ş'! şŕΘ şŕÑ ļ'şŕ'śm!
So'! Soretj soreń li'sore'sema!
Invoke! Freeze, harsh ice!

"Cleansing Water"
ş'! ňýΘ ţŕƳÑ ŀ'šȐ!
So'! Noyetj tereyoń lu'suru!
Invoke! Cleanse, still waters!
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