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Compilation of Poems in Mesyar
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Poems in Mesyar
This public article was written by YɔhLlɔmɔ, and last updated on 5 Feb 2017, 07:45.

9. Numbers
10. Pronouns
17. Yuantju
1. The Lion and The Salamander
2. Yånga Darag's Poem

[top]The Lion and The Salamander

This is a poem that is usually told to little kids so that they will fear becoming the salamander, and they will eat to become like the lion.

Be rouba nuele ån be kåre,
sane båtule dama,
yå çåle agre.
Be tjopdjuna nuele ån be låsama,
sane båtule maere,
yå çåle gåma.


A lioness gave birth to a lion cub,
it ate corn
and became strong.
A salamander gave birth to a salamander hatchling,
it ate nothing,
and became weak

[top]Yånga Darag's Poem

This is a poem that is read every last day of a month at night, to pray to Yånga Darag.

Kadjio, ahaya amadjaça,
yå bi måkana,
le wasaka haranuçiza Yånga Darag,
yå bi galana,
tjahizai erål


Rain, here you come,
and in two days,
the land will see Yånga Darag,
and in three days,
we will say bye
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