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Idenian Romanisation
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Comparison of the two latin aphabet spelling systems of Idenian.
This public article was written by ChasetheRock, and last updated on 6 Sep 2017, 23:34.

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1. Introduction
2. Systems


There are two systems of romanisation in  Idenian- (ħďÑ'ƥ) Hideń'pe and (ćýľ'ƥ) Cíyelo'pe. (ćýľ'ƥ) Cíyelo'pe is based off of  Cielonese orthography, while (ħďÑ'ƥ) Hideń'pe is made to better reflect Idenic phonology and is based off of  Rokne orthography.


A aa
A ií
E ee
O oo
U uu
' ''
R rr
S ss
K kk
G gg
T tt
M mm
N nñ
W ww
Q qkw
Z zz
V vb
C cc
X xx
Y yy
J jj
F ff
H hh
L ll
č tctc
D dd
P pp
Θ tjtj
Ñ ńn
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