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CoWriMo: Short texts about Jute, written in Jutean
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covering all sorts of topics from daily life, to romance, to descriptions of places on the island
This public article was written by Jute, and last updated on 31 May 2017, 20:43.

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1. CoWriMo 1 2016: Food & Drink
2. CoWriMo 2 2016: Love & Marriage
3. CoWriMo 3 2016: Biology & Life
4. CoWriMo 4 2016: Geography
5. CoWriMo 1 2017: Seasons
6. CoWriMo 2 2017: Eating Out
7. CoWriMo 3 2017: Romance
8. CoWriMo 4 2017: Animals and Pets


[top]CoWriMo 1 2016: Food & Drink


Netumo: Saimo hemo ta kiove a vanifi, kiove a sommu, moji nesanol ta viti a hokonohi em saimohi a me ta ma... No af a vuati a favohi em a edojohi ha....
Utuko: Nesanol ta vilti, haaji? No vi haad a vunohi a vuatil! Vovo saihoditi a me na ma, u eeo vuno na favefa a ukeat vue!
Netumo: Nol hemeva haad an tanede...
Utuko: Teol na haad! Hen... no hosoma hen, joof ta hen ehe... aa, edojo ta menesati kiovif hedonite. Oo, no somalo nav mihinonede dote. Noke le lomohe!
Netumo: Noke jam le, haa?
Utuko: Ehe vunojo vuhi!
Netumo; Homanukol ta he ehi...
Utuko: Hujohujoo ikehe!

Vunof favefat' a somm', nol ehi a vuat', joot mo na! Teo kiovo na hosomat', somaloti! oki'okio_ove favonit' Menemeneso he ahaf, teo vaino na af netie he, sedasedamo hemevat' uke honohono doonifi ikehe u asoaso hen, asijo vamejoti a hemeti, hee nof na ude sehukide nu'e vaini a me aha_m' hehe! sedam' a somalodad', sinamvi a haadat sedam' a somalodad' hem' a ji a ukeat, sedam', sedam', sedam'!

▼ translation
N.: I want to eat something warm, something sweet, but I don't know what I could or want [to eat]. Everything is so difficult to cook or find outside...
U.: You don't know what? There are many things not difficult to make! Use your imagination and you can make the best dish quickly!
N.: There are not many ingredients in my home...
U.: You don't need many! Here.... here is a banana, I should take a look here, too..., ah, I just found some oil. Oh, there was chocolate next to the bed earlier on. Would be enough already!
N.: That would be enough?
U.: Of course!
N.: I don't believe it...
U.: Just watch!

Let us make a sweet dish, it is not
difficult, you shall see!
You need to part a banana, chocolate!
Put it on the stove

Pour oil on them,
now you only need to heat it up,
mash the ingredients well,
wait just a bit

and look here, the magic
of food happens, yes
you should be careful,
for it's still hot!

Chocolate mash
the biggest deliciousness
Chocolate mash
this food is the best
mash, mash, mash!

[top]CoWriMo 2 2016: Love & Marriage


Nanoi em hi a vunohi a jufide an Jutede u tahadovi ude diaadifede

Ehe nesano ehi, no hi asijohi doonatade a haadat anti an oenade haad, doone, uvulvo aseji u sino saini a leke liikiti ehe na kiasaimakede. No fal jufi he, tonte mujede vue.
No haadohenti a saini a leke a ilehi an Jutede, u sino nanoi. Doonato ehi ehe, moji, doone asijo vuni a nanoide, no ji a hiit an Jutede. Sino nano kiovohi a saini a leke a mihononede a iki, u doone mihinido fal todehente ido doonavade a ikide, sino ji vuniti a nanoide, u ehe ji, lomohide a mojide. No fal a jufide a hohi, a nihilaa he, u sahasiono nuino fal he nonafatiti doonif in doniti, moji no ji a ehei haadal he. Saimo hao saini haadat ji hehe, ehe vunojo vuhi, todehente no nuina doonati. Noke al nanohi ike in nide a ehi ikihi a saini uhu, haa? Sahane amol laf vati a ilehi a uke, sinoke ji hedohi ude nuohil nuhe nonafatide, heijea vunamo ehi he fal dote. No aseji a ilvunitede nuhe me ehi ma, u a ilukaini.
Ilvunot al nanoi doniha ilvuninide, li hedadof saini nodesainiti a diaadifohi a me la ma. Noke a ukeat sahane saihoko vunam he la, moji foo deo la ji.

Living together or the custom of the creation of a family in Jute and the relationship [of it] with love

As it is known, it is usually customary to hold a huge celebration in many lands, then, the act is completed and two persons are regarded as a pair as per law. They are a family now, immediately after the rite.
The union of two people is different in Jute, and is called 'living together'. It is celebrated, too, but in Jute it's more important when the beginning of 'living together' takes place. Living together is regarded as two people sharing one house, and when they sleep together for the first time, this is called the beginning of 'living together', and like that, the fulfillment of the rite. They are a new, young family now, and [as such] always expected to get children by the community at some point in the future, but this is now not much the case anymore. Most people still wish for that, obviously, because children are the future. Wouldn't living together alone for the entire life be egoism anyway? If they don't do other good things, that would be regarded as taking with no giving [back] to the community, even though it nurtured them. The behavior is destructive for it, and shameful.
The living together shall not end before death, so people should choose a partner they love. It would be the best if the parents like him/her/them, but he/she/they are free to ignore this.

[top]CoWriMo 3 2016: Biology & Life


Joo ta novati a iliki a haadat hedonite. No uvu a haadat, eeo vo uvu vosati a jehiluhi a ilvuhi, u heto haja a leke ude johide a ehi ove toofade. Vandovo maja a jevani he ta ehe efi a datude. Honovo mat a dovi a haad ehe saade a ilvuhi an vunuhide, nuhe eeo saanuhuto uvu ehe. Noitivo hono humat a lumo he uvu an huude. U nol ji doat, todehente vano vandovu an memode. Joo tahoohi a vanede eteve me aha ma tane saanuhuude ha hehe, u eeo dovo joha he na vanditi haad, nuhe eehi a ilvunitohi a nanede em tanede dee doonifi a iki a me uvu ma. Nesanol ta sinati a datu, moji deko ta sainiti a kiovif a sinohi a me uvu ma ehe 'devaako'de.

I just saw the strangest animal. It was huge, had pitch-black claws, and two horns with the same color sitting at the top of its head. The two red eyes that it had frightened me, like everything about the creature did. The body, tall like a big tree, hovered like a deep dark wave in the dawning sky, since it was able to fly, too. It were two strong wings that made it stay in the air. And that wasn't the worst part, because the frightening thing burned inside the mouth. The flowing of the fire away from its mouth into the sky was still seen even far away, and it was able to make you feel much fear, as it had the ability to destroy your or my home in a moment. I didn't know the name of the beast, but I heard some people call it "dragon".

[top]CoWriMo 4 2016: Geography


Joo na hisetuti a ju ha, haa? No ohu va a doavoade a Kambalide. Evoto fola a haadat a havanede a ju sinoti nuhe nonafede a sainide a nunohi jumun. Sino fal Kambali, u no ehe toovaimode u sehukimo. Hokonol vo oena nuhe haadide, todehente dahol hisetu haadovati. Jooke na aniti a ilekami sahane letafoke na li noniti a ja. Edojoke na folati haad, ude haadede a ilehi haad.

Do you see that mountain far away? It is part of the mountain range of Klambari. This biggest rock of the wilderness gets the name from the settlements of the people living there. They are called Klambari, and live as hunters and animal husbandmen. The soil can't be used for agriculture, because the mountains don't leave enough space for crops. You would see the rugged state if you travelled to that place. You would find many rocks, with many different sizes.


[top]CoWriMo 1 2017: Seasons

(source link not available due to technical problems)


Nol dotohava ehe an oenade a ilehi a kiovif an Jutede. Eeo asijo ehif an oenade a oeedovu todehente hono vuha a lumo na dotohaa a efi, u no vuhava a vuhi haad doonif. Ehe ji, ho saanuhuu u saanu vaniti u fofea vianuhu haadat. No fofesaava haade ilehe an oenade a ilehi haad, todehente fofeamo saanuhuu dee li valeke a vuhade. U no vianuhu a ju haade hehe dee donafivoude, "dotohava" a nohi a iki an Jutede. Moji, nol haadalfani em ilvufani dotel. Sahane nuno na hen u saimo joo na ji, teo letafo na li oenati a ilehi, Kevivistaniti masijive.


There are no seasons like in some other lands in Jute. They can't happen in jungle (=tropical) countries because the sun remains powerful throughout the year, and there are always many light hours (=a day always has many hours of sunlight) So sky and sea keep the heat and clouds rain a lot. There's more rain than in many other lands, because the sky rains during half of the days (of a month). And there are even more of these clouds during storm-time, the only "seasons" that exist in Jute. But there's never ice or cold. If you live here and want to see these, you need to travel to other countries, for example Gfiewistan.

[top]CoWriMo 2 2017: Eating Out

Hemonifi a Toloka

No ana a ilehi haad nuhe hemohi a favefade a vunuhi. Sahane saimol edojo na kiodemati a vuu u a nemi a uke netie, tesoamioke ta a Hemonifide a Toloka a nohi a hedadide a hukea. Nuno aha in midide a Sittide se, nav ilvutonede a mihonafade, ado tonatede a nonaf. No amin a sivua, moji, nuo heto aha he na an dahede a ohaji nav foade a vunojohi a midide a jutonede u a tehekifede ado me aha ma.
U ehe ji, doone hemo na sedameti (no sedame a ilehi - utuko em fali, ude tolokade, hosomade em kama a ilehi), tahoo evututi a lottu em viiho hemetahati, hokono hujooto na sainiti a Sitti, huuvati ove dovade u vailitati a deohi. Hokono amo na ji in miahade a hemonifide a ilhaad.
No ji mohomo ifi in vunuhi (em in tooni sahane saimomo na, foo amin dee vuhade a efi), u eeo nusaifo na etevi netuunide haad, u ehe ji, eeo nisaido na doniha vunide a amide a me na ma. Nol tesaaka oda vailitahivade, u saini haad idatel.
Moji, hokedo fal juteti ude fenoide a hukea nuhe favefade a toonide. Ehe ji, jotajotano he aha sahane nuno na an Sittide em letafo he aha!

Toloka's Diner

There are many different places for eating breakfast. If you don't just want to get a quick and good tasting bite, I would think Toloka's Diner is a great choice. It's located right in the middle of Jute City, next to the [public transport] stop of the community hall, in the Community Street. It's a tiny business, but it allows you to sit in beautiful spots near windows showing the center of the settlement and the traffic [going on] in it.
And so, when you are eating porridge (there are different [kinds of] porridges [available] - coconut or rice, with mango, banana or other fruits), drinking fresh coconut water or slurping soup, you are able to observe the people from Jute City, the birds in trees and the vehicles passing by. You are able to do this amid the peace of a small diner.
That is a bit of serenity/inner harmony in the morning (or in the evening if you want, the business is open all day), and you are able to be cured from much stress. and so are able to feel energized before the beginning of your job. There is no music from speakers, and never many people.
But, they offer great jute with fish for dinner. So visit it if you live in Jute City or travel to it!

[top]CoWriMo 3 2017: Romance

Fumodia nav saanede

Edo vuha a tai - vuha a fumodia. Vuha a hukea nuhe Netumo. Fuumot la nodesainati a hohi ajavi. Vuato ejotamo la desofenati a jevani u a kilital, u tadekufiti a vuhata a ilhaad. No ja nui a vunam a me la ma. Memo la a hedojaohi a lumo a haada a me la ma na me aha ma, u huvo sainifi nuhe saihokohi a me aha ma a sainide a fuumohi.
Nuno Netumo nav saanede, u ehe ji, saimo hao la fumadiamoti atohi li saanede uhu, sohuhe dovade. No ana a lomohi nuhe fumadiade.
Hono la dee vuhava a kiovif, u tonte ji, joo la sehukumoti a nioonide ajofane me la ma. Saini a ohaji a haadat, ude lojade a kilita u a vuhi, ejotamatade a haad u a saohi, u tofajotade a jehaadufi. Do Netumo tisefohi u homanuko diaadifo he la lomohe he.
Noito la he la li daheti a hedadi, u vuno hemo kelamafiti a utuko ove favonede a vattohi a me la ma. Doone lomoho ahaf, hemo fal he ahaf ude hosomati u vanokamati, u tahoo evututi a lottu. Tonte ji, sao fal an saanetavade u saihoko saotohi. Hujoo fal ijavuhiti dee toonide, u vuato to li anati a Netumode lione.

Date by the beach

The special day arrived - they day of the date. The great day for Netumo. He shall meet his new partner today. He decided to wear red and not very long clothes, and a necklace made from small stones. This was a gift from (one of) his parents. They said it made him look stronger, and the young man hoped the person he would meet would like it [as well].
Netumo lived by the beach, and so he wished for his date to come to the beach, too, below the trees. It's a perfect place for dates.
He waited for three hours, and after that, saw a Sehukumo of [his] dreams before him. A person most beautiful, with long, light hair, large, waving clothing and a green hat. Netumo felt enchanted and believed to be in love already.
He led her to the chosen place, and began to make coconut pancakes on the oven he had carried [here]. When they were ready, they ate them with bananas and dragonfruits, and drank fresh coconut water. After that, they swam in the coastal waters and enjoyed surfing. They watched the sunset during the evening, and decided to go to Netumo's place later [on].

[top]CoWriMo 4 2017: Animals and Pets

Nofa a sehukohi a me ta ma

Dekki! Saimo tahoo ta nofati ajavi, nofati an tanede. Sino Seeki u no a jehiluhi u a jevani a vuhi, ude madekade a fumooti u majade a lodua. Sehuko ta he uvu lomohe doti dotohaa haad, vo uvu ude jufitade ihavane he u saimot al dololo ta he uvu idate. Donosano uvu haad, u no nofa a haad he, moji maamio fanal vuha a af hehe. Ijoto ta tikiti nuhe tekohi a me uvu ma, vuo fanal, sao u saihoko saanuhuuti a uke. No homo a haadat, amo uvu melloti haad, veehovo he ta doone teo ta ji u navo doone no ta a teuvadi. Eeoke al saimo hao ta udimimoti.

My dog (The dog I'm caring for)

Hello! I want to talk about a dog today, the dog in my home. He's called Seeki and is black and yellow, with pointy ears and cacao-colored eyes. I have already cared for him for many years, and he's really part of the family now and I will (would) never want to miss him. He's already grown up a lot, and is a large dog now, but we still play every day. I throw a stick to let him fetch it, we run, swim and enjoy the good weather (lit. the good sky). He is the biggest best friend, and does a lot of funny things, makes me laugh when I need it and snuggles up to me when I need a hug. I could not wish for a better friend.

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