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Adverbs in Laefêvëši
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Explanation of adverbs in Laefêvëši
This public article was written by Ashucky, and last updated on 27 Jul 2016, 00:52.

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1. Types of adverbs

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[top]Types of adverbs

Several specific types of adverbs should be mentioned.

Pronominal adverbs

Circumstantial adverbsCharacteristical adverbs
Spatial adverbsTemporal adverbsQualitative adverbs
Locative adverbsDirectional adverbsMotional adverbsMannerMeasure
Interrogative(where)nóh (whither)hán (where)vré (when)váj (how)þámjē (how much/many)
Relativesêin (where)nóin (whither)háin (where)vréin (when)váin (as/how)þĕtjē (as much/many)
Indefinitesêt (somewhere) nóht (somewhere)háht (somewhere)vrét (somewhen)váit (somehow)tǿmjē (somewhat)
Unspecified(where)nóh, nôh (whither)hán, hân (where) vré, vrê (when) váj (how)þámjē (how much/many)
Manifoldlasê (in many places)lanóh, lanôh (to many places)lahán, lahân (in many places)lavré, lavrê (many a time)laváj (in many ways)wíj (many/much/a lot)
sêines (anywhere, wherever)nóines (wherever)háines (wherever)vréines (whenever)váines (however)ƕĕtjē (however much/many)
Totalotój, xaltój (everywhere)nêjsōn (everywhere, all over)otój, xaltój (everywhere)ƕéloj (always)xalváin (in any case, certainly)xál/xáli (all, everything)
Negativeksên (nowhere)kvón (nowhere)hkán (nowhere)kvéin (never)kváir (in no way, by no means)tóh (nothing)
Differentialljéj (elsewhere)ljój (elsewhither)ljǿj (elsewhere)ljún (another time)ljáj (otherwise)-
Proximalján, ás (here)kés, és (hither)hîs (here)léj (now)šán (like this)týmjē (this much)
Medialsĕn, kô (there)klón, ál (thither)kêl (there)klén (then)sôhtin (like that)(that much)
Distalsônkō (yonder)šíntō (yonder)tîe (yonder)ksôŋ, kôŋ (then)skýn (like yonder)(yonder much)

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