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Siáen Alfotet Maanaes ca Taaevaod
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The Mahavic Alphabet for Edievian
This public article was written by argyle, and last updated on 6 Jun 2017, 02:25.

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1. The Mahavic Script

The Mahavic adaptation for Edievian was officially adopted in 2011, with the intention of further uniting Edievia with its Mirarian allies. Unlike the Latin and Colian alphabets, the Mahavic script does not have majuscule letters.

[top]The Mahavic Script

The Mahavic script is listed below, in the alphabetical order of the Colian script.

a/a/aA a
p/p/pP p
b/b/bB b
ä/ɛ/aeX x
f/f/fF f
v/v/vV v
k/k/cC c
g/g/gG g
h/h/hH h
e/e/eE e
i/i/iI i
l/l̪/lL l
m/m/mM m
n/n̪/nN n
ö/ɔ/aoQ q
t/t̪/tT t
d/d̪/dD d
r/ɾ/rR r
s/s̪/sS s
o/o/oO o
u/u/uU u
ypalatalizesiJ j
Comments (1)
[link] [quote] 03-Jun-17 22:45
CWS Conlanger
Is there any way I can download the Colian script? I really like it and was wondering if there was a way I could use the script on Microsoft Word.

Really good conlang! I love the sound and grammar in it. Keep up the good work!
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