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cat speaxs [ASE]
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Typology New 37 words
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cat speaxs
Registered by asdrop on 14 June 2016
Language type International Auxiliary Language (IAL)
Place & Speakerscat speaxs is spoken by a population of 10 .
Species kohbyi
About cat speaxs this language is spoken by a group of genetically engineered cats in zani that was ment to test and see if people could handle such things
Sample of cat speaxs[view] karr gjerrr perrrgj

I am 2 cats.
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Latest vocabulary
berkaphrdon't worry
Language family relationships
Language treezanifalu
 ⤷  zygiligleth
  ⤷  cat speaxs
[view] About zanifaluits from the zygililithean peoples home land (zani) the mayor got tired of the hand language so the mayor created a language
[view]Phonological System: kohbyikohbyi is a group of talking cats
Table #1labialvoicedpurrsyllabic
polssive ʈʂ q͡χ ʙ
nasal ɐ ʐ ɢʁ ɖʐ
rurr ɜ ɖ ɯ d͡ɮ
click ä c͡ç ɬ
Below is the orthography for cat speaxs. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
 cat speaxsOrthography
ß/ʈʂ/Ââ/ä/Åå/ɐ/Bb/ʙ/ER er/ɜ/GJ gj/d͡ɮ/Jj/ɖʐ/KA ka/c͡ç/
PER per/ᶑ/PR pr/ɖ/RR rr/ɢʁ/Ww/ɯ/Xx/q͡χ/Zz/ʐ/Łł/ɬ/Ōō/o̞/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
    Typological information for cat speaxs

    Number of nominal casesThree cases
    Noun numbersSingular/Paucal/Plural
    Primary writing systemConscript
    Morphosyntactic alignmentDirect

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