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Unch [UNC]
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Typology On hold 2,816 words
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Registered by Fniux on 7 June 2016
Language type A posteriori
Species Human/humanoid
About Unch Okay, I know I should actually be punished by Holy St. Lingus himself for erasing my main conlang this frequently, but... it's a necessary evil. Unlike the last times, I'm going to revise the basics smoothly in the background. You'll get to know early enough when Unch is ready for the stage.

Until this day: Believe in me! :O
Sample of Unch[view] Im gruöni, þus hwat?

I am green, so what?
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Latest vocabulary
filumadvthat many
Sound samples in Unch
Some sound samples of Unch. Maximum of 6 shown. Click the links to see the full texts.
Smiuħi ḋôǥas Weuŧ.
Smoke weed everyday.
Iv mant đera Bäkħiđi naħsÿħiþ, swingiþa ümbi, eþ giniþa syno Ŧôqumst. Đën irinri: Đrë Wardas irbÿdiþ...
If you're longing for the past, swing around and start building up your future. Since remember: The ...
Language family relationships
Language treeGermanic
 ⤷ Proto-Germanic
  ⤷ East Germanic
   ⤷ Nethuric
    ⤷  Unch
[view] About GermanicThe Germanic languages are a branch of the Indo-European language family spoken natively by a population of approximately 500 million people mainly in North America, Oceania, Western and Northern Europe. Proto-Germanic , which was spoken in approxima...
[view] Seaxiscas (Saxish)Extremely close related to Old English, Saxish (Seaxiscas) is an Ingvaeonic language. It is spoken in the traditionally Saxon-settled eastern parts of Unchary. Over the milleniums of co-existence with the more conservative Unch dialects in the west, it has been adapting and assimilating lots of its features. This makes it despite its clearly Ye-Olde-English appearence to a relatively archaic North Sea Germanic language and differs it significantally to other pseudo-relexes of English.
Nasal m m:   n ʰn̥ n: n̥1       (ŋ)    
Plosive p b b̥   t d   c c: ɟ2   k k: g g: g̥ ʔ  
Fricative ɸ θ θ: ð3 s s: z4 ʃ ʒ5 ç6 ʝ7   x ɣ8 h  
Affricate   t̪θ   d͡ʒ9          
Lateral approximant     l ʰl̥ l: l̥10           ɫ11 ʰɫ̥12 ɫ:13
Approximant     ɹ ʰɹ̥ ɹ: ɹ̥14   j ʰʍ w      
Blends [ks]15 [ks̩]16 çs [çs̩]17 [xs]18 [xs̩]19 ŋg ŋk
  1. After voiceless consonants
  2. Between two vowels, unless codal
  3. Between two vowels, unless codal
  4. Between two vowels, unless codal
  5. Occuring if between two vowels unless at the end of a syllable
  6. After front vowels
  7. Between vowels, allophone of /ç/
  8. Between vowels, unless codal
  9. Word-initial
  10. After voiceless consonants
  11. Before or after a back vowel of the same syllable
  12. Before back vowels
  13. After a back vowel
  14. After voiceless consonants
  15. Occuring if after a consonant, allophone of /çs/
  16. When initial, allophone of /çs/
  17. When initial, allophone of /çs/
  18. Occuring if after a back vowel, allophone of /çs/
  19. When initial, allophone of /çs/
Close i ĩ:: i: ĩ: y ỹ:: y: ỹ: u ũ:: u: ũ:
Close-mid ø̞̃:: ø̞: ø̞̃: ø̞  
Mid e̞ ẽ̞:: e̞: ẽ̞: o̞ õ̞:: o̞: õ̞:
Near-open æ æ̃:: æ: æ̃:  
Open   ɑ ɑ̃:: ɑ: ɑ̃:
Polyphthongs æy̞̯1 e̞u̞̯ æi̞̯2 iy̯3 o̞u̯ øy̯4 iu̯ e̞i̯ uo̞̯ yø̯5
o̞e̞̯ øi̯6 ie̞̯ ɑu̯ ɑi̯ iɑ̯
  1. Umlaut of /äu̞̩/
  2. Umlaut of /äi̞̯/
  3. Umlaut of /e̞u̞̯/ and /iu̯/
  4. Umlaut of /o̞u̯/
  5. Umlaut of /uo̞̯/
  6. Umlaut of /o̞e̞̯/
Below is the orthography for Unch. This includes all graphemes as defined in the language's phonology settings - excluding the non-distinct graphemes/polygraphs.
Aa/ɑ/Ää/æ/Çç/c/Öö/ø̞/Üü/y/Þþ/θ/, /ð/1Bb/b/Cc/ç/2Ǫǫ/õ̞:/Dd/d/Ee/e̞/
Ff/ɸ/Gg/g/Hh/h/Ii/i/Jj/j/Kk/k/Ll/l/Mm/m/Nn/n/Oo/o̞/, /o̞:/Pp/p/
✖ Unknown alphabetical order
  1. Between two vowels, unless codal
  2. After front vowels
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Typological information for Unch

Noun numbersSingular/Plural
Morphological typologyFusional
Primary word orderNo set order
Marked tense (verb)Past, Present, Future

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