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noun [GE] Gender Exempt zeʔeǀu zay'ayǀoo
(not anything)
 Mighty Source Language: Akkadian
Etymology of Creation: In an Akkadian dictionary found: šēṭu - 1) NA : an idler , a do-nothing , a sluggard ; 2) OB : a crime , an evil deed ; 3) (adjective) : careless , indifferent , neglectful , negligent , perfunctory , remiss , indolent , slipshod , slothful , despicable + , despised + , contemptible + , worthless + ;

Looking for a word to mean a null point in a sentence, that seemed like something that would naturally get derived out of it. Changed the sounds to make it feel more Mighty to me.
zeǀu denotes a null space in a sentence - a non existent head. No verb or no subject or no object. It can even be in two spaces, to politely indicate that you are just saying one part.

More often in the case of two though there is simply one statement of nothing.

For just a subject, it is zeǀu subject.

For just an object it is zeʔeǀu, object.

For just a verb it is verb, zeʔeǀu
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 nothing (not anything)nounzeǀu
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