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verb [TR] transitive vorth drēlātr vorth drēlātr
[vɔrθ drelatr]* 
(a horse)
vorth = stance / presence
drē = on top of

not to be confused with: drēvorith lator (to move to the top / to put out of reach)
~to put on / mount

in this usage, the item on which something is mounted is the indirect object while the item being mounted is the direct object.
Sample of this word
The human put the child on the horse
tlerythaet ekuys chälm vorth tordrēlātr.
human horse child stance VBZ.PST-on-TR

I mounted the head onto the wall.
fōlzhīn prans vorth ūmtordrēlātr.
wall head stance VBZ.1-PST-on-TR
No root/derivation information available.
* Pronunciation of this word was estimated based on phonology/orthography
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 mount (a horse)verbvorth drēakam
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No known homonyms.
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